1 adjective dirtier, dirtiest
1 NOT CLEAN covered in dirt or marked with dirt: Just stack the dirty dishes in the sink. | Look how dirty your hands are! Go wash them right now!
2 IMMORAL connected with sex in a way that is considered immoral or unpleasant: Mick's always telling dirty jokes. | There were a bunch of dirty magazines under his bed. | a dirty mind (=a mind that often thinks about sex) | dirty weekend humorous (=a weekend when a man and woman who are not married to each other go away to have sex)
3 UNPLEASANT spoken used to emphasize that you think someone or something is very bad: You're a dirty liar! | Yeah, they gave us all the dirty jobs.
4 DISHONEST unfair or dishonest: a dirty fighter | There's been some dirty business over these contracts. | dirty trick (=an unkind dishonest way of treating someone): I'm so sorry anyone should play such a dirty trick! | do the dirty on sb BrE (=treat someone in a way that is unfair or dishonest) | dirty pool AmE (=unfair or dishonest behaviour)
5 be a dirty word if something is a dirty word, people believe it is a bad thing even if they do not know or think much about it: Nowadays power tends to be a slightly dirty word as far as organizations are concerned.
6 give sb a dirty look to look at someone in a very disapproving way: When I went in there she gave me a dirty look and told me to take a seat.
7 do sb's dirty work to do an unpleasant or dishonest job for someone so that they do not have to do it themselves: I told them to do their own dirty work.
8 DRUGS AmE slang containing or possessing illegal drugs
—see also: wash your dirty linen in public wash 1 (6) — dirtily adverb 2 adverb (I, T)
1 dirty rotten spoken extremely nasty: the dirty rotten bastard! | What a dirty rotten trick!
2 play dirty
a) to behave in a very unfair and dishonest way
b) to cheat in a game
3 talk dirty to talk rudely about sex
4 dirty great/dirty big BrE spoken extremely big: We suddenly saw this dirty great truck coming towards us.
3 verb dirtied, dirtying (I, T)
1 to put or leave marks on something and make it no longer clean: Max wiped his dirtied hands on his thighs.
2 dirty your hands on sth to become involved in something bad that will affect people's opinion of you

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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